Medical Expertise to Win your Legal Case

Navigating Complex Medical Legal Issues

Are you an attorney needing help with a medical malpractice, personal injury, nursing home negligence, workers’ compensation, catastrophic injury, or product liability case? Let an experienced medical legal expert navigate complex medical issues to help you settle and win your case.

Kathleen Mary, Certified Nurse Legal Consultant (CLNC), offers attorneys a wide range of exceptional, efficient medical legal services. A person of integrity, professional grace, and unmatched devotion to her work, she guarantees 100% client satisfaction with her services.

With over 25 years of distinguished clinical experience and a flawless history of providing her clients with a meticulous, facts-based, winning strategy, Kathleen A. Mary, RN, CLNC is an asset to the litigation process. Contact her for a free, introductory case consultation.

Step by Step Approach to Winning your Medical Legal Case

Out of the hundreds of medical legal cases Kathleen Mary has supported, not one case has been lost.  She is an exemplary medical legal professional with extensive clinical experience. Her integrity and meticulous investigation of the whole truth of a case provide strategic direction to the attorney at reduced cost. How does she do it? Explore her winning medical legal approach.

Quality, Cost-Effective Medical Legal Service

The decision to hire an expert consultant on a case is a serious one. It will impact your bottom line. If you or someone on your staff has long years of experience as a medical professional with tireless dedication to extracting the whole truth from voluminous medical records, then read no further.

If not, find out how Kathleen A. Mary, RN, CLNC, can save you time and money and help you win your case with her uncommon work ethic, unparalleled medical background, and precise attention to detail. A practicing MD consultant cannot match the uncompromising service and reasonable rates that Kathleen Mary offers.

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