Medical Legal Resources

Beach StonesA professional Legal Nurse Consultant must conduct exhaustive research in medical science and healthcare practice to support the facts in a medical legal case. The following are a portion of resources utilized by Kathleen A. Mary, RN, CLNC:

Professional Medical Associations

American Society of Anesthesiologists
American Association of Blood Banks
National Cancer Institute
American Cancer Society
American College of Cardiology
Society of Critical Care Medicine
American College of Emergency Physicians
National Association of EMS Physicians
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons
American College of Forensic Examiners
National Association of Medical Examiners
American College of Gastroenterology
Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons
American Holistic Medical Association
Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology
Infectious Disease Society
American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery
American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics
American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
National Alliance for Legal Nurse Consultants
American Medical Association
American Academy of Neurology
American Association of Neurological Surgeons
American College of Obstetrics & Gynecologists
American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American Association for Pain Management Nursing
College of American Pathologists
American College of Pediatricians
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
American College of Physicians
American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
American College of Radiology
American College of Sports Medicine
American College of Surgeons
American Association for Thoracic Surgery
American Urological Association
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
American College of Clinical Wound Specialists

Medical Standards & Practice Guidelines

ECRI Institute
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
National Guideline Clearing House

Medical & Healthcare Research

Avoid Medical Errors
Center for Disease Control and Prevention/CDC
Drug Watch
Food and Drug Administration/FDA
Gray’s Anatomy
Group B Strep Association
Harrison’s Principals of Internal Medicine
Harvard Countway Library of Medicine
Lawyers and Judges
Leapfrog Group
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Medical Illustrations
Merck Manual
MD Consult
Mesothelioma SOS
American Chronic Pain Association
American Pain Society
National Patient Safety Foundation
National Practitioner Data Bank – American Medical Association
National Practitioner Data Base
New England Journal of Medicine
Physicians’ Desk Reference/PDR
PDR for Consumers
Preeclampsia Foundation
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association
Restraints & Enablers
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. National Library of Medicine
World Health Organization

Choose a Certified LNC

Kathleen A. Mary, RN, CLNC, has undergone rigorous professional certification. She is committed to continuing professional development and staying current with her knowledge of the latest medical-legal issues and trends. She renews her CLNC certification annually through re-examination.

Two national organizations have developed widely accepted certification requirements for Legal Nurse Consultants:

For more information on Kathleen Mary’s credentials, please contact her.