Nautical log & penKathleen A. Mary, RN, CLNC, makes a very favorable impression on the people who work with her on complex medical legal cases. Read what legal and medical professionals say about her work ethic and the quality of her performance:

G. William Higbee, Esq.
McTeague Higbee

Kathleen Mary’s work has been invaluable in medical negligence and general liability cases involving complicated damage issues, and her medical knowledge and experience have facilitated my acceptance or rejection of cases. Kathleen’s probing medical research and detailed analysis of medical records and causation defines salient points in each case. Her assistance in preparing for written and oral discovery against defendant medical providers is superb. Most important is her competence in helping me understand the medical nuances of each case.

Her wide range of contacts throughout the medical profession has brought me superbly qualified expert witnesses to testify on behalf of my clients. She meets the clients and asks probing but delicate questions to flush out the important facts of the case. Once I agree to move forward on a claim, she keeps advancing fresh ideas on how to best position our client for success. And she is not shy about telling me when she feels I am heading down the wrong path. She is devoted to her work and worth every penny – I wish I had discovered her services years ago.

John N. Kelly, Esq.
Kelly, Remmel & Zimmerman

Kathleen Mary has reviewed medical-legal cases for my office for a number of years. Kathleen’s objective analyses assist us in determining probable cause, and the meticulousness of her reviews is remarkable, as is the breath of her medical knowledge. In addition, Kathleen has access to a broad range of physicians in many specialties who are available to her for advice in the face of particularly complex medical questions. Kathleen’s work has been critical to our pre-litigation decisions.

Paul W. Chant, Esq.
Cooper Cargill Chant, P.A.

Kathleen has done an excellent job of reviewing complex medical records for me on several occasions. She has identified and expanded upon issues in the medical records to enhance both damage and liability claims. I have utilized Kathleen for both general liability claims and medical negligence claims. She is smart, detailed and responsive.

Paul R. Minton, MD, FACC, FACP
Senior Cardiologist & Consultant in Cardiovascular Medicine

I am a board certified cardiologist who practiced acute care, invasive and preventive cardiology for 30 years. I continue to serve as a forensic cardiology consultant to the legal profession, working with both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Over the decades that I have worked with Kathleen A. Mary, RNC, CLNC, she has consistently shown me her keen eye and intellect, her wealth of experience in the interrelationships of all aspects of patient care issues, and her persistence and thoroughness at evaluating even the most minute, yet important, detail.

This type of analysis requires an enormous expenditure of focused effort and time depending on the complexity of the case. I am an experienced physician consultant and rarely, if ever, have the time, persistence and patience to perform these painstaking tasks, nor do attorneys wish to budget for the physician’s time for such an analysis.

Cynthia Lacker, RN, MS, LNCC, CPHRM
Senior Project Manager; Patient Safety, Quality & Risk Management

Kathleen Mary has an unusual combination of sharp intellect, natural curiosity and superb analytical ability, all of which enable her to provide attorneys with the best work product available in medical-legal consulting. She is an excellent communicator, easily explaining the nuances and intricacies of our health care environment to legal staff, lay persons and even other medical experts.

Whether you need analysis of clinical events, detailed chronologies, special reports, medical research or expert witness location, Kathleen Mary will exceed your expectations.