7 Ways Legal Nurse Consultants Save Attorneys Money

BoatThe key to winning a case begins with the selection process. You as the Attorney are trying to get the client the settlement that they deserve. So, how can hiring an LNC help you save money?  Well for one, by helping you win your case.  Below are 7 ways a LNC can help you win your case, and save you from making costly oversights and mistakes.

  1. Early Assessment of Case Merit:  Is this particular medical case worth pursuing? This is a question all attorneys ask and it’s always worth putting a little research in upfront rather than losing dollars later.  A lot of money can be lost pursuing cases that really have no merit.  A Legal Nurse Consultant can help attorneys decipher whether a case has merit from the very beginning, by screening medical related legal cases for merit and eliminating non meritorious lawsuits.  A careful screening process will save time and effort.
  2. MD vs. LNC: Many attorneys automatically hire an MD to be the medical expert on their medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Often the education and working experience of a nurse is equally valuable and possibly more appropriate to the evaluation of patient care, policy, and procedure. The majority of medical records are actually written and created by nurses – making the choice of hiring a LNC an obvious one.  Wouldn’t you rather hire the person that has the most experience with the document itself?  A LNC is totally devoted to your case vs. an MD who is tied first to the restraints of their own medical practice. This provides the attorney with an expert that can get the job done promptly and efficiently for a more reasonable fee than an MD.
  3. More Time in the Bank: By hiring a LNC you save valuable time trying to decipher key medical information in your case.  A LNC will organize the material so that it’s easy to consume.  This can save you hours in the long run leaving you time to concentrate more on strategy and legal issues than trying to figure out a medical document.
  4. Organization: Attorneys have stated in the past that it has taken them hours upon end to go through bills, notes, summaries etc. And, voluminous computerized medical records, now standard, are an attorney-nightmare. When you hire a Legal Nurse Consultant they will provide you with a streamlined view of your case, smoothing out any bumps in the road.  Thorough analysis and organization of the medical aspects of the case allows for the attorney to zero in on the precise issues needed to further the case.
  5. Expert Witness:  A Legal Nurse Consultant can serve as an expert witness or take the time to find the best expert witnesses for your case.  A LNC already on-board knows all the intricacies of the case, thus is postured to locate the perfect-fit expert for the case. Identifying expert witnesses lends strength to a case giving the attorney a better chance to win.
  6. Hidden Jewels:  A LNC very often finds more to your case.  A LNC knows the standard of care and they are equipped to understand medical records and jargon far better than you.  This allows for better discovery.  A LNC just may find more to your case than the plaintiff or attorney knew about to begin with.  Leading to more opportunities for client compensation and more money for the attorney.
  7. Winning: Win your cases.  There is no better way to make money than to win your settlements and save time. By hiring a LNC you are ensuring that your case has the best chance of winning via proper steps, organization and information.
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