Obstetrical Medical Malpractice │ Delay in Treatment of Fetal Distress Allegations

boat1The most frequent allegation in obstetrical medical malpractice claims is delay in treatment of fetal distress. Standard of care analysis of these professional negligent cases revealed that the most common reason for the delay was physician failure to timely intervene when presented with Category II or III fetal heart rate (FHR) tracings predictive of metabolic acidemia. Other factors contributing to maternal-fetal injury in cases of failure to timely recognize and failure to timely intervene with fetal distress include:

  • Improper selection and management of therapy when faced with maternal illness or signs of chorioamnionitis.
  • Inadequate patient assessments when fetal monitor tracings indicated that the neonate’s conditions were deteriorating.
  • Lack of communication among physicians and nurses when a member of the team recognized distress.
  • Inadequate patient monitoring.


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