Emergency Room Medical Malpractice

A hospital emergency room is an area where medical errors are common and often overlooked. Because of the increasing patient load and the need to triage patients by order of medical urgency, many things often go clinically wrong in an emergency room setting. However, as long as the patient eventually receives the appropriate standard of care, which often involves hospital admission for observation and further testing & treatment, the errors and omissions in the emergency room often hold little consequence. However, when the patient is improperly discharged from the emergency room and told there were no significant clinical findings and ultimately misdiagnosed, or when diagnosis is delayed or treatment is delayed, it is within this framework where patient safety becomes compromised and the initial medical errors and omissions very often prove to hold significant consequences supporting medical negligence.

A Legal Nurse Consultant is an attorney’s expert in recognizing medical errors and omissions that serve as foundation for medical malpractice relating to breaches in standard of care.

Please contact Kathleen A. Mary, RN, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to assist you in your next medical-legal case.

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